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Rila Banerjee and Sumith Ramachandran

Three stars


Neha Sharma Apr 20, 2009

On ”˜Butterfly,’ Kolkata-based singer/songwriter Rila Banerjee toys with soft charms companionably backed by Sumith Ramachandran’s breezy composition on the strings. Ramachandran serenades with sparse solos and guitar lines meted out in an understated sentiment, and in the same vein Banerjee keeps it simple and subtle with her vocals. There are no guitar frills or vocal thrills here ”“ they aren’t trying to exhibit their unchallenged prowess, they choose instead to apply their skills with mature reserve. What starts off seemingly as a ditty penned for a lover later reveals itself as a heartwarming poem to her daughter ”“ “You cast your inhibitions/I catch them in my arms”¦I’ve known you for a while/Sometimes I swear you even look like me”¦In black nails and new denim daze/spent swooning over your latest crush/you stopped being a child/you’re in a grown up hurry/In such a rush” ”“ she sings, wrapped the song in a lilting spell. A fairly exceptional lyricist, Banerjee plays more to listeners who spare attention for the words of a song. Though the duo could use some good production and sound engineering, and the song is low on recall value, it has tremendous potential in its delivery and lyricism.

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