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Body Talk PT 2
[Three and a half stars]

rsiwebadmin Oct 10, 2010
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She’s as feisty as Pink, as beat-savvy as M.I.A., does Eurodisco better than Gaga. But can this mercurial diva, a star in her native Sweden, crack the Billboard Top 40?  The second EP in Robyn’s Body Talk trilogy (PT 1 was in June) offers up another batch of great, club-ready songs that are a touch too weird for American hit radio. Robyn sings and raps about standard diva themes (dance-floor ecstasy, self-reliance), but the music is deliciously wacked-out. In ”˜U Should Know Better,’ she boasts alongside Snoop Dogg as a churchy choir swells over fuzzy effects. ”˜We Dance to the Beat’ is a thumper that slides from Eighties electro into squiggly abstraction. As far as the radio goes, Robyn has other priorities. “We dance to the beat,” she croons, “of silent mutation.”

Key Tracks: ”˜Hang With Me,’ ”˜We Dance to the Beat’

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