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Rolling Stone Collectors Edition: The Ultimate Guide To BTS

Here’s the first look at our November 2020 cover featuring global superstars BTS, plus a summary of what’s inside

Rolling Stone India Nov 06, 2020
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Rolling Stone India is proud to unveil the cover of our special Collectors Edition featuring global superstars, BTS! The Rolling Stone India Collectors Edition: The Ultimate Guide to BTS dives deep into the complex artistry of the world’s biggest boyband with powerful pieces that explore BTS’ lyricism, music videos, digital content, fashion, showmanship, production and impact on the globe.

Curated by BTS and photographed by Yeongjun Kim, the cover image of Rolling Stone India‘s November 2020 issue presents an exclusive snapshot from the group’s upcoming record, BE.

Rolling Stone India Collectors Edition: The Ultimate Guide to BTS. Cover photograph by Yeongjun Kim

In addition to past conversations with the band, this issue features the most iconic and prestigious interview format in Rolling Stone‘s history: The Rolling Stone Interview. BTS sat down with senior writer and producer Riddhi Chakraborty for one of the most detailed and in-depth interviews of their career, discussing their artistry, challenges and their vision for the future. The Rolling Stone Interview features music, pop culture and political icons who have changed the world, and BTS are no exception; they have established their powerful legacy as a voice for those who need it the most, bringing strength and solace to young people, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community and millions of others across Asia and the globe. Artists who have previously featured in this long-running series include the likes of John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Taylor Swift, Chris Martin, Bono, Madonna and, in India, A.R. Rahman.

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Curated by Chakraborty, this issue will also feature pieces by several ARMY guest writers and illustrators from across India. The contributors are comedian and writer Supriya Joshi, music journalist and editor Ambika Muttoo, marketing executive and writer Madhu Gudi, filmmaker Ruchi Sawardekar, entertainment journalist Monica Yadav, lifestyle journalist Mayukh Majumdar, BangtanINDIA co-founder Twinkle Choudhury, poet and activist Aranya Johar, YouTuber Shrinkhal Bhushan, content creator and fashion influencer Sruthi Jayadevan, media curator Saniya Shaikh, the entire team at media platform Kpop High India, illustrators Samadrita Ghosh, Eeshita Chinmulgund, Kasturi Kumari, Veer Misra and Amruta Kishore. Last but not least, this edition will also feature a special piece courtesy of pop superstar Armaan Malik. Other content includes exclusive images courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment, archival pieces about BTS, a ranking of their 100 Greatest Songs and photo stories.

Rolling Stone India Collectors Edition: The Ultimate Guide to BTS will be available for purchase in both digital and physical form. Watch this space for more information.

Cover photograph by Yeongjun Kim
Art Direction by Tanvi Shah
Cover story and curation by Riddhi Chakraborty
Promotional artwork by Palak Joshi

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