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Rolling Stone India Partners with Arteree for New Online Music Video Series

The debut edition of the web series features Mumbai artists such as Tejas Menon, Spud in the Box, Duncun Rufus and more

David Britto Mar 03, 2017
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Arteree founder Puneet Sikka with Mumbai-based alt rock band Spud in the Box

New Delhi-based Puneet Sikka’s first love might be theater””she is an accomplished actor who has been on the circuit for over a decade””but when she decided to build her first startup Arteree, she was certain it should focus on indie music. Arteree is an online music video series launched this month in partnership with ROLLING STONE India with an aim to bridge the gap between artists and people who consume music. Says Sikka, “I started with music because it is the most readily and easily available form of art. There is also a wide audience for music. The idea behind Arteree is to basically have musicians on a platform where I can somehow connect them to the industry.”

The first leg of the series, titled ”˜The Bombay Edition’ has 12 videos featuring a host of Mumbai-based artists, such as singer-songwriter Tejas Menon, alt rock band Spud in the Box, soul trio Ink of Bard, blues singer Mrs. Ippi, soul band Duncun Rufus and more. Each video includes a live performance by the artist followed by a conversation where Sikka talks to the band about their music, challenges and upcoming projects. The idea is to show musicians as regular people creating new things. She says, “Nothing is made in a vacuum, everyone is putting their own experiences and observations into the writing, arrangements and compositions.”

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Currently, Sikka is planning for future editions, each of which will focus on a different city. She is also looking at putting together a concert by the end of the year where a few acts that have been part the series perform for their fans. “I want to reach out to as many people as possible, and later also diversify to other forms of art,” she says.

Click here to know more about Arteree.

Watch alt rock band Spud in the Box perform “Use Your Words” on Arteree below:

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