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Rolling Stone India Premiere: Welsh Pop Rock Band Houdini Dax’s New Video “Get You Goo On”

The four-member band were in India recently for a three-city tour as part of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Rolling Stone India Dec 12, 2014
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Houdini Dax. Photo: Press image

Houdini Dax – Owen Richards, Jack Butler, David Newington (from left). Photo: Press image

It’s as much of a daunting task for a band as it is for a promoter to bring a little-known band all the way from Wales to India, but the gamble seems to have paid for both, Welsh pop rock band Houdini Dax and their hosts, NH7 Weekender. Says the band’s bassist Owen Richards about their first ever international tour in November, “We started off in Kolkata and didn’t know what to expect and it was unbelievable, the crowd went wild for it. Mumbai had a really cool venue and then we played in Bangalore which topped them all, gig-wise. We got a huge stage with a really responsive audience.”

Richards also mentions that their brand of pop rock, inspired in equal parts by The Beatles as well as The Black Keys and more, made them realize that Indian audiences during their tour love all music. Says Richards, “The crowds here [in India] just love the music, no matter what genre it is. We got a guy in a [metal band] Trivium T-shirt saying he loves our band. That’s a completely different style. We haven’t seen anyone who’s too cool to not enjoy the music, which is refreshing to see.” The bassist adds that their music’s universal appeal comes in straight from the songwriting process. “When we’re writing songs, we sit down with a guitar and think, ”˜How are we going to make this the most direct thing possible?’”

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It’s no surprise then, that their latest single, “Get Your Goo On,” is precisely that ”“ a stomper of a song, which features a psychedelic guitar lead courtesy guitarist-vocalist Jack Butler. The vocalist explains the song title, “Getting your goo on is that feeling when you have had a few pints and suddenly you are in the mood to have a big night out. The chanty chorus is always fun to play live and crowds always get into the spirit of the song.” They have been performing “Get Your Goo On” live since 2013, and shot a music video for it at the Welsh Club in Cardiff, which has previously hosted everyone from Coldplay to Bullet for My Valentine.

Houdini Dax, whose members met in school, formed the band in 2009. The band spent the early part of 2014 recording new material for an upcoming album, Naughty Nation, releasing two previous singles “Good Old Fashioned Maniac” and “Legs” in October. After touring India in November, the band is keen to return, and are in the process of setting up college gigs, club shows and possible collaborations. Says Richards, “Hopefully next time we can prolong the tour, make it a month or six weeks.”


Watch the video for “Get Your Goo On”

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