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Rolling Stone India’s Jazz Playlist

Hear jazz songs by some of the genres leading ladies

Sunil Sampat Apr 19, 2019

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Let’s do this week’s playlist with an outrageous gender bias! We are doing an all women’s list of fine jazz performances. It is self evident that in jazz, women singers outnumber their male counterparts, although there are fewer women instrumentalists. We are featuring female vocalists in this list with some classics. These songs stand the test of time. Sample these and get back to us with your feedback.

1. Billie Holiday – “Solitude”

This classic from Duke Ellington is given it’s due respect by Lady Day. You can actually hear the loneliness in her solitude.

2. Carmen McRae – “Hey John!”

Love from one singer to another. McRae wrote this song for John Lennon and sings it with so much affection.

3. Ernestine Anderson – “You Made Your Move Too Soon!”

She deserved much more renown than she got in her lifetime. Here, Anderson tells a whole story. Worth checking out these lyrics.

4. Ella Fitzgerald – “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall”

She worked at her best with the big bands of Ellington and Basie. Here she is with the Count Basie Band. The interplay between Fitzgerald and the Count make for delightful listening.

5. Rachelle Ferrell – “You Send Me”

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Another lady who is fabulous but deserves more acclaim than she has received. This great song is taken to new heights by Ms. Ferrell.

6. Sarah Vaughan – “Misty”

An all time classic rendition of an all time jazz classic from Errol Garner.

7. Aretha Franklin – “I Say A Little Prayer”

An early Franklin rendition of a hugely popular song from the Sixties. Even a very young Franklin sounded so classy!


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