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Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013 Contest

Spot the vocalists on this 2006 song to win a goody bag

Rolling Stone India May 14, 2013
Album art for 'Fine Tuned Disasters'

Album art for ‘Fine Tuned Disasters’

In 2006, Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer recorded, produced and released Fine Tuned Disasters, an 18-track compilation featuring the new wave of Indian metal ”“ hardcore band Scribe, alt metal band Bitchslap, nu-metal band Skincold, then-metalcore band Bhayanak Maut and modern death metal band Amidst The Chaos.

For the last and title track of the compilation, Makhija roped in five other vocalists to record the track “Fine Tuned Disasters.” 

To win yourself a metal goody bag, name all the vocalists in the order of singing on “Fine Tuned Disasters” [listen below] to win a super goodie bag including a yet-to-be-launched 1833 AD band T-shirt from Nameless Merch, the 30th anniversary edition of Judas Priest’s British Steel and Rolling Stone India’s metal special back issues.

Mail your answers to [email protected]  (This contest is now closed. Check back on our Facebook page for regular contests)

Listen to “Fine Tuned Disasters” here

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