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Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2015 Nominees Announced

Demonic Resurrection, Aberrant, Scribe and Skyharbor lead the nominations for the sixth edition of RSMA

Rolling Stone India Feb 19, 2015
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The Gibson Flying 'V' Rolling Stone Metal Awards trophy will be given away in 10 categories this year.

The Gibson Flying ‘V’ Rolling Stone Metal Awards trophy will be given away in 10 categories this year.

If last year’s Rolling Stone Metal Awards [RSMA] nominations showed Mumbai produces the best metal bands in India, Delhi leads the way this year among nominees at the sixth edition of RSMA, slated to take place on March 22nd at Blue Frog, Mumbai. While Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection top the nominees list with eight nominations, six bands from the capital have been nominated in eight categories this year, including prog metalcore band Colossal Figures, prog metal band Guillotine and upcoming math metallers Kraken.

Demonic Resurrection [DR] are riding in at the top among 2015 RSMA nominees with their fourth album, The Demon King, while fellow Mumbai metallers, post-hardcore band Scribe weigh in with seven nominations for their long-awaited third album, Hail Mogambo. Both Scribe and DR were last nominated at the inaugural RSMA in 2010, and they’re joined by another multi-nominee and winner from previous years, prog metallers Skyharbor, who released second album Guiding Lights last year. At RSMA this year, newer bands are going head-to-head with the heavyweights ”“ Shillong experimental metal band Aberrant pick up six nominations for their debut self-titled EP, while Delhi prog metalcore band Colossal Figures, who released their debut album Clockwork Dilation have five nods. Joining them are fellow Delhi metallers Guillotine, with two nominations for their single “The Aftermath” and Kraken, with their single “Dance Jane Dance.”

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Other notable nods go to Goa metal band Feeding in Atlantis, who are nominated for their debut single “The Firefly,” and year-old Delhi metal band Hyperion, who also released their debut single, “Flawless,” last year.

Public voting in three categories ”“ Best Band, Best Album and Best Song ”“ is now open on the Rolling Stone Metal Awards site.

Vote here: www.rollingstoneindia.com/metalawards/vote/

You can also head out to the RSMA pre-gigs next month, on March 8th in Delhi and on March 15th in Bengaluru to cast your vote. Find out who will win big at the awards event, on March 22nd at Blue Frog, Mumbai.


Best Band


Colossal Figures

Demonic Resurrection




Best Album

Aberrant – Aberrant

Colossal Figures – Clockwork Dilation

Demonic Resurrection – The Demon King

Scribe – Hail Mogambo

Skyharbor – Guiding Lights


Best Song

Aberrant ”“ “The Vanguard”

Demonic Resurrection ”“ “The Demon King”

Feeding in Atlantis ”“ “The Firefly”

Kraken ”“ “Dance Jane Dance”

Scribe ”“ “Ha! Ha! We are Poor!”

Skyharbor ”“ “Evolution”


Best Vocalist

Aberrant – Ryngkat Jyrwa

Colossal Figures – Govind Marodia

Demonic Resurrection – Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija

Hyperion – Shashank Bhatnagar

Murk Blare – Vipul Verma

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Scribe – Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy


Best Guitarist

Aberrant – Jerry Nelson Ranee & Imti Kharkongor

Demonic Resurrection – Demonstealer & Daniel Kenneth Rego

Guillotine – Takar Nabam

Scribe – Akshay Rajpurohit & Prashant Shah

Skyharbor – Keshav Dhar & Devesh Dayal


Best Bassist

Colossal Figures – Karsan Chaudhary

Demonic Resurrection ”“ Ashwin Shriyan

Pyramids – Amol Vikram Singh

Scribe – Akshay Rajpurohit

Skyharbor – Krishna Jhaveri


Best Drummer

Aberrant – Rex Kharrngi

Colossal Figures – Rijul Victor

Demonic Resurrection – Virendra Kaith

Pangea – Jai Row Kavi

Scribe – Virendra Kaith


Best Keyboardist

Demonic Resurrection – Mephisto

Guillotine – Akshat Taneja

Kraken – Reuben Das

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