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Rookie Boy Group LUMINOUS Questions Hope in ‘All Eyes Down’

The single marks the group second comeback since their debut in late August 2021

Divyansha Dongre Jan 20, 2022

LUMINOUS. Photo: Courtesy of WIP Entertainment

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Composed of members-Su-il, Steven, Young-bin and Woo-bin, K-pop rookie boy band LUMINOUS returns with the thought-provoking single “All Eyes Down.” The single leads the group’s latest EP Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego).

Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego) sows the seeds of the ultimate question—the difference between the real version of yourself (self) and the masked version you’ve manufactured over time (ego). It’s the ultimate dilemma that perpetuates youngsters to question their very existence and the world around them and acts as a rite of passage one must walk through to evolve and grow.

Leading the EP’s introspective concept is the single “All Eyes Down” which questions the falsified hopes we all carry in our hearts. Produced from a hip-hop stance, the track blends bass trap sounds with the intro kick-starting with a powerful kick and bass. The bass-trap genre befits the complex emotions and topics the track tackles, making it easier for youngsters to connect with LUMINOUS’ artistry.

The single further discusses the importance of perseverance and getting through the beautifully chaotic youthful years together. It’s a theme we’ve seen other groups tackle before, but Luminous’ infectious energy and sincerity instantly forge an unbreakable bond with their listeners, making it all the more powerful. Other themes addressed are fears, testing the limits of your imagination and walking along the path of life despite not knowing what your end goal may look like. 

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Paying homage to the Joker, LUMINOUS accompanies the powerful soundscape of the track with crisp, pointed choreography in an abandoned city, dotted with run-down buildings. Alternating between classic rap and vocal performances, “All Eyes Down” is a powerful successor to LUMINOUS’ previous releases, helping them forge a glowing identity in the competitive K-pop industry.  

Lead by “All Eyes Down,” LUMINOUS’ five-track EP Between Light and Darkness (Self n Ego) contains additional tracks named “MATRYOSHKA,” Trouble,” “Scintillation,” “Want It More?” 

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