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Roposo brings users live music and shopping from Musicathon with Couch Pass

With Couch Pass, Roposo aims to give users a unique way to experience live gigs at home, while giving indie artists and creators a massive platform to go LIVE across the country

Rolling Stone India Dec 08, 2021

Line-up artists on the eve of Musicathon. Photo: Courtesy of Roposo

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Roposo, India’s first live creator led entertainment commerce platform, recently live streamed performances from music festival Musicathon to music lovers across the country. It is now set to recreate the magic of this festival with a live, two-day encore event – Mic Drop, on the Roposo app.  Both of these live streams are part of Roposo’s Couch Pass, a way for fans to enjoy the real-world vibe of Musicathon from the comfort of their homes. 

As the Live Entertainment Commerce partner for Musicathon, which took place last weekend in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, Roposo gave users a real-time, virtual experience of the festival through live performances, live behind the scenes and more on the Roposo app. This was made complete with the joy of shopping for off-beat, trendy goodies, as Roposo commerce creators set up shop live from Bir during the event.  

From left to right at Musicathon 6.0- Roposo Creators Noopur, Ronny, Surjeet, Yutik. Photo: Courtesy of Roposo

Now, with Mic Drop, fans who missed out on the event, can enjoy live performances by artists from the Musicathon line-up once again, on Roposo. Scheduled for December 10th and 11th, Mic Drop will give users the chance not only to watch some of their favorite artists, but also to interact with them in real time, ask questions, request for songs, listen along with other fans, take part in polls, and much more. All the Mic Drop performances will also be live on Glance, a content platform on the lock screen of Android phones, with over 150 million active users in India.

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Gen Z adored Rahgir, Roposo grown Tabla player Surjeet & Beatboxer Ronny with ingenious songwriter Khalid Ahemd performing at Musicathon 6.0 X Roposo.

“Over the past couple of years, users have started to seek out experiences online that closely resemble the offline world. With Roposo Couch Pass, we have endeavored to replicate the live atmosphere and energy of a concert for users at home. We also wanted to give the artists, and our own creators, a stage from which they can potentially reach fans across the country, in real time, and even interact with them live, in a unique way,” said Mansi Jain, Vice President and General Manager, Roposo.  

Live commerce at Roposo. Photo: Courtesy of Roposo

“Performing in Musicathon was a truly incredible experience for me and knowing that I can once again share that with all those who couldn’t make it is icing on the cake. Couch Pass is a rare and elusive live stage that gives emerging artists a largescale opportunity to reach a wider audience, and I am pleased to be associated with it,” said Pune based musician Harish Budhwani.   

“As artists our dream is always to perform live, and to connect with our fans in real time, in a meaningful way. With Roposo’s Couch Pass, we have seen people from various corners of the country tune in and show appreciation for our art. The live interaction that we can have with our audience during Mic Drop is extremely exciting, and a very different, unique way for us to perform,” said Surjeet Singh, Delhi based Tabla player 

At Musicathon, Roposo creators such as Surjeet and Surat-based beatboxer Ronny performed alongside some biggest indie artists like Khalid Ahmed, Rahgir, Girish Nakod, Arjan Dev Singh, and more. These Roposo creators also brought users at home closer to the event by live streaming their experiences, and live scenes from Musicathon. Karnataka’s Yutik Palresha and Chennai’s Noopur Kalra, Roposo’s commerce creators drove live shopping, giving people winter fashion tips, sharing cool products for virtual attendees to purchase and more.

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 Inaugurating Musicathon 6.0 X Roposo, attendees were seen enjoying games and clicking pics and videos at the Roposo Zone. Photo: Courtesy of Roposo

 The lineup for Mic Drop will include artists who performed at Musicathon such as Rahgir from Rajasthan, Haryana-based Akshit Dhall, Pune’s Budhwani, Jaipur-bred Arjan Dev Singh, Himachal Pradesh-based Jatin Sharma, Uttarakhand’s Shubham and Palampur based Nausikhiya Kathakar, as well as Roposo’s Surjeet and Ronny. Over the two days, each artist will perform a 40-minute set at the event. These performances will go live from 5 PM on Roposo on December 10th and 11th.  

To watch, download the Roposo app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

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