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RS Essentials: 10 Songs by Pentagram You Need to Hear

With four albums under their belt, you’ve got plenty to choose from the Mumbai electro-rock band

David Britto Apr 20, 2022

Mumbai electro-rock band Pentagram Photo: Colston Julian/SaltManagement.com

10. “8 Minutes”

The closing track from Pentagram’s 1996 debut album We’re Not Listening is the scintillating “8 Minutes.” The song includes a plethora of sounds, from alternative rock to grunge and even a dash of metal with its chunky guitar stabs from axeman Randolph Correia. Vocalist Vishal Dadlani delivers a crisp performance as drummer Shiraz Bhattacharya and bassist Papal Mane hold a tight groove for nearly eight long minutes.

9. “Drive”

Pentagram’s electro-rock sound comes through strongly on the dystopian “Drive” from their 2002 sophomore album Up. Featuring Mane’s invigorating bassline coupled with Dadlani’s compressed vocal textures, the almost 808-sounding drums and electronic elements make this an industrial rock offering for the ages.

8. “Ten”

Off Up, “Ten” showcases Pentagram’s flavorful side when it comes to an amalgamation of sonic elements coupled with a sort of Rage Against The Machine influence that cuts through. Definitely a track to get lost in while having a good time.

7. “Mental Zero”

From their most recently released album, 2011’s Bloodywood, the crushing “Mental Zero” brings out Pentagram’s rock side in full force. From crunchy distorted guitars to a thrashing drum groove and soaring vocals, this one packs a punch.

6. “Tomorrow’s Decided”

One for a full-blown party, also off Bloodywood, “Tomorrow’s Decided” throws in Indian percussion influences juxtaposed with the band’s raw and in-your-face sound to create one of their most intriguing live staples. Be sure to headbang to this one whenever you catch Pentagram in concert.  

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5. “Nocturne”

If you ever wanted to sing along with Dadlani, it’s got to be on “Nocturne” from Bloodywood. The schizophrenic-sounding track allows plenty of room for the singer to shine, as a moody groove and Correia’s hypnotic guitar strums make this one of their best compositions wherein the melody and music sit perfectly together.

4. “Animal”

If you look into Pentagram’s 2007 third album, It’s Ok It’s All Good, track 10 is the raging “Animal.” Filled with a pulsating sound as well as Dadlani’s catchy hook where he sings, “Or is it the other way around,” the song also includes dynamic changes that keep things interesting.

3. “Rock’N’Roll”

Hailing from It’s Ok It’s All Good, Pentagram profess their love for all kinds of music on this track, but mainly “Rock’N’Roll.” Here too the band juxtaposes their electronic soundscapes with their hardcore drive keeping intact catchy melodies, singalong sections and, of course, all the headbanging.

2. “The Ignorant One”

On “The Ignorant One” from We’re Not Listening, the band shows that sometimes simplicity is key. The track goes from somber to heavy and includes a melodic guitar line that runs throughout the song as Dadlani’s vocals filter in and out with perfect dynamism and grit.

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1. “Voice”

Probably the band’s most recognizable song, the smash hit “Voice” from It’s Ok It’s All Good captures Pentagram’s sound quite brilliantly. From the slinky guitar riff to the melodic solo as well as harmonious chords, and its slick groove and vocal performance, this gem gives you plenty to immerse yourself in. 


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