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The Rolling Stone Interview: John McLaughlin

The Rolling Stone Interview

Bobin James Jul 11, 2008
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The Unforgettable Five

Pianist Louiz Banks, a torchbearer in the Indian jazz movement and a collaborator on Floating Point picks his favourite McLaughlin tunes. “I just love the music that John writes and then flawlessly executes, which means I love all his compositions. But these five stand out for me as unforgettable,” he says.

1. ”˜Abbaji’ from John McLaughlin’s Floating Point (2008)
2. ”˜Nostalgia’ from Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Mahavishnu (1984)
3. ”˜Seven Sisters’ from John McLaughlin’s The Heart of Things (1997)
4. ”˜Mr DC’ from John McLaughlin’s The Heart of Things (1997)
5. “5 in the Morning, 6 in the Evening’ from Remember Shakti’s The Believer (2000)

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