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Introducing Rolling Stone PODIUM: An Open Space for Bloggers, Writers and Talkers

Submit your unpublished pop-culture writings and get a chance to be featured on Rolling Stone India

Rolling Stone India Aug 26, 2020
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With our latest editorial initiative Rolling Stone PODIUM, we’re calling all those with a zeal for words to weigh in with their opinions and commentary on all things related to the public sphere.

If you’ve got the words, then we have the space for you. Check out the guidelines below to be featured on RS PODIUM.

– Send in your articles in a Word or PDF document along with a short, two-sentence bio to [email protected].

– An ideal word count for submissions is below 1,000 words. You can choose to write on the topics of music, art, fashion, cinema, sports, lifestyle, current affairs or pop culture.

– We’re keen to publish insightful opinions backed by a strong sense of context, knowledge and facts. Defamatory opinion or unsubstantiated claims will not be published.

– Rolling Stone India holds the final authority on whether to publish a submission on the basis of whether it meets all editorial requirements.

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