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RS Style: Luke Kenny

Actor, vocalist and keyboard player Luke Kenny on his personal style and love for accessories

Rolling Stone India Jun 22, 2015
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If he were hosting an Michael Jackson tribute night, Luke Kenny will pull out a silver glove to go with the rest of his look for the evening and if it is a straight up rock show, you’d be sure that he’ll have just the right leather jacket for the stage. Kenny, who has worn several hats ”“ he’s been a VJ, a DJ, is a programming head of a music channel and is a performing artist ”“ has an enviable collection of them in his wardrobe. This month, he tells us who regards as his fashion icons and why he loves jewelry as much as other accessories.

 What would you describe your personal style as?

Comfort is the biggest deciding factor for me when it comes to putting together an outfit or a look. I don’t have any particular formula. I usually go with what I’m most comfortable in. That usually includes t-shirts with an edge of fun, a good pair of jeans and sneakers. I’m not a big fan of trousers, though, so it’s almost always denims.

Are you conscious of what you wear while performing?

Definitely. I try to put together my outfit keeping in mind a few things such as the venue, the crowd, and of course, the kind of music I will be performing. For example, if it’s a large venue with a big stage, I prefer to go with something a little more ”˜flashy’ as opposed to when it’s a smaller venue, where I might tone it down a bit. But I do consciously add a few accessories, perhaps a scarf, or some unique shoes. On the other hand, if it’s a tribute gig, then I try to replicate the artist as closely as possible.

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What does your wardrobe look like?

My wardrobe consists mostly of comfortable t-shirts and slim fitting jeans. I’m a t-shirt monster, really, and I like to go for the ones that have pop culture prints, or my favorite bands and artists. I’m also a huge fan of corduroys. I don’t wear shirts or kurtas too often, unless the situation requires it.

What do you feel is the essence of a man’s style, especially for musicians?

I think in general, a man’s style should be reflective of his personality, and what he is most comfortable in. A man’s style evolves with time and with what he is exposed to. In the case of musicians, their look should be reflective of the music they are playing; if they were doing, say, a Doors tribute, then should maybe come as close to Morrison’s look as possible. If they’re performing their own music, then of course, they should be original and follow their own style.

Do you have any style icons?

On-stage, I like to draw inspiration from one of the greatest performers, Michael Jackson. Although it was Elvis Presley who evolved stage costumes with his signature black leather outfits, followed by the white cape in the Seventies, MJ truly took it to another level with accessories like the glove and the shiny shoes.

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When I’m not performing, I like to keep it simple, with tees, well-fitting jeans and usually a pair of Converse.

What is your own take on men’s jewelry? What kind of accessories you wear at gigs or on a regular basis?

Men wearing jewelry can be sexy if it not too overbearing. And if we are to go by the pictures of males in Indian mythology then men wearing jewelry is an ancient tradition. I have always been fond of bracelets and rings etc. At one point in time, I used to wear rings on all my ten digits. Add to that both wrists full of bracelets metal as well as non-metal. While some of that ostentatious sense of accessorizing has waned, the urge to go full metal does make its appearance once in a while.


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