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#RSDailyMusic: Here’s What We’re Listening to Today

Featuring artists Radhika Bhide, Trishita Recs and more

Rolling Stone India Jul 30, 2021

Madhya Pradesh-bred vocalist Trishita Recs. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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#RSDailyMusic: Today we’re tuning into new music from artists that include The Tapi Project, ShredxXx and more. Listen to all the songs featured here on a streaming platform of your choice.

Jumper Keellu, Someone Else & TH3 DARP, Coal Blaak – “Above”

R.A.Z.I.E.L. – “Wajah”

ShredxXx – “Tale of Two Lions”

Antoni – “Rollin’ Stone”

The Tapi Project – “PAIGAM”

Prim4l – “Does It Get Easier?”

Radhika Bhide – “Barsan Laagi”

Trishita Recs – “Sab Ruk Sa Gaya”

Paloma Sridhar, Max Borosiuk – “I Will Always Want You”

Marshall Sehgal, Afsana Khan – “Nain Matakka”

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