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#RSDailyMusic: Here’s What We’re Listening to Today

Featuring artists Ryan Bauer, Mad Rassi and more

Rolling Stone India Oct 04, 2021
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#RSDailyMusic: Today we’re tuning into new music from artists that include Ryan Bauer, Mad Rassi and more. Listen to all the songs featured here on a streaming platform of your choice.

Sagar Bhatia, Dj Yogii, Shruti Dhasmana and Shreya Basu – “Chal Jhoothi”

Ryan Bauer – “Argue”

Mad Rassi – “Relocate”

Faizan, yungwaris, Lonekat – “Sukoon”

Kwizz, BlissEnlightenUs – “Khona Hi Tha”

Nayan Kawale, Roshan Bhat, Chirag Soni, Akshay Ponam & Moin – “Meri Rahogi”

The Coconut Milk Project – “The Idol”

Vivek Paul – “Watching From The Light Tower”

Onkar Tarkase – “Kosi Kosi”

Goya – “Toska”

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