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#RSDailyMusic: Here’s What We’re Listening to Today

Featuring artists BIGPANDA, OAFF x Landslands and more

Rolling Stone India Oct 26, 2021

Producer Kabir Kathpalia aka OAFF (left) and composer/singer-songwriter Sohrab Nicholson aka Landslands. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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#RSDailyMusic: Today we’re tuning into new music from artists that include Samantha Noella and Tubby, The Fortune, Arjun Malhotra and more. Listen to all the songs featured here on a streaming platform of your choice.


Brite Roy, Ishaan Nigam, Siddarth Soni – “Ye Raaste”

Arjun Malhotra – “Never (Oh Baby)”

The Fortune, Zen Clef, Keerthana Menon – “Roll It Back”

Tubby, Samantha Noella – “I Can Feel You”

PRFCT & D’ARK – “Your Eyes”

elevenex – “Left Behind”

Madhurr – “Yun Hi”

OAFF x Landslands – “Grip”

Raunak Upadhyay – “Other Ways”

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