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#RSDailyMusic: Here’s What We’re Listening to Today

Featuring artists Murtuza Gadiwala, Simetri and more

Rolling Stone India Feb 15, 2022

Sister singer-songwriter duo Simetri with artist Murtuza Gadiwala (center). Photo: Courtesy of the artists

#RSDailyMusic: Today we’re tuning into new music from artists that include Murtuza Gadiwala, Simetri and more. Listen to all the songs featured here on a streaming platform of your choice.

Murtuza Gadiwala, Simetri, Kimera – “Mera Parinda”

Rekoil Chafe, Big Daddy 83 – “Dice”

Ashwin Syam, Gaurav Digga, Jimmy Francis John, Ajay Jayanthi, Ritu Gopal – “Nau Saal”

Anant Gupta – “Dost”

Hrishi, Nvin, Akshay – “Khushnuma”

Tuset Dwiz – “Bemisal”

judah – “ALIAS”


kuro, OM and Help – “Voh Yaadein”

The Geek’s Guitar – “Hymn for Kolkata”

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