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#RSDailyMusic: Here’s What We’re Listening to Today

Featuring artists Mihir, MC Nikhil and more

Rolling Stone India Jun 16, 2022

MC Nikhil aka Nikhil HimmatSingh Parcha. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

#RSDailyMusic: Today we’re tuning into new music from artists that include MNV, Nae Poppy and more. Listen to all the songs featured here on a streaming platform of your choice.

Mihir, Siddhant Mishra – “Bandeya”

Nae Poppy, Rhea Kulkarni – “He Knows”

MNV, Iconyk – “R.O.T.Y.”

Shreyas Bhartiya – “Main Kaun Hun”

MC Nikhil, Cartier Suave – “Rackz”

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