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#RSOffStage feat. Krishna Jhaveri: ‘Yoga Has Helped Me Manage [My] Condition.’

The Skyharbor bass player opens up about how he recovered from a serious injury, creative inspiration and setting the right vibe at home

Swaraj Sriwastav Aug 11, 2017

Jhaveri has incorporated yoga into his daily routine. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

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Musician Krishna Jhaveri is well-known for his energetic on-stage persona. However, when he’s not performing, the Skyharbor bassist likes to live life easy, healthy and in spirit. At his mellow Kemps Corner residence, he opens up about his other interests.

“I am into yoga, meditation and cooking,” says Jhaveri. “I bake my own bread at home.” After he pulled his shoulder muscle during a lift, Jhaveri””whose brother is a yoga instructor–started performing a short yoga routine backstage to relax and warm up before every set.

“[My] shoulder injury [was] on the left shoulder, which is also the same shoulder on which my bass strap rests,” says Jhaveri. “Yoga has helped me manage the condition without going into bouts of pain and without doctors or medication.” The practice has slowly become part of his daily routine.

“Once you have something inspiring to work with, then the process comes into the picture, at least for me.” Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

When it comes to his writing process, Jhaveri stresses on the inception of a song idea and what it means for him. The performer is part of multiple big-name acts–Goddess Gagged, Indus Creed, Skyharbor””and believes in setting up the right vibe to help his mind flow when he’s writing: some mood lighting, LED candles or by brewing some herbal tea to get things going.

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“We’re all chasing the source of creativity. Everyone who is an artist knows that when something comes to you, whether it’s a line for a poem, a lyric or melody for a song or a start point for a painting, capturing that seed is crucial,” says Jhaveri. “Once you have something inspiring to work with, then the process comes into the picture, at least for me.”

Jhaveri sustained a shoulder injury on the side that his bass strap rests on. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

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