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#RSOffStage feat. Nush Lewis: ‘My Cat is Jealous of My Relationship with My Harp and Piano.’

The harpist, pianist and singer-songwriter shows us her musical Chembur living room for our photo series on life beyond the stage

Swaraj Sriwastav Aug 04, 2017

Harpist Nush Lewis at home in Chembur. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

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Harpist Anoushka a.k.a. Nush Lewis likes to center her life around her music. Her instruments are the first things to meet the eye when one enters her spacious Chembur apartment.

“I moved to this home a year ago and it’s been great,” says Lewis. “I love that the focal point of my living room is my piano and harp and literally everything was placed around it.”

Lewis plays the harp as well as the piano. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

The singer-songwriter’s living space also has a vinyl record player to jazz up an evening or two. It’s not all fun and games at home, though: Lewis released her latest single, “Spilt Milk,” just a month back, and uses this very space as a writing pad for all her tunes.

“More than it being a space where I get to sit and compose and write, it became a space where my family and friends have created unforgettable moments,” says Lewis. “And I think that warmth is what makes it so special.”

It’s all about music: Lewis’ living room also has a record player. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

However, the real defining element of this space isn’t a static one. Rather, it is constantly in motion and likes to jump across objects, skim heels and photo-bomb.

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“My cat is jealous of my relationship with my harp and piano,” says Lewis, as she tries to distract Piccolo and get him off her harp.

The harpist’s furry friend is named Piccolo. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

The composer recently launched her art development property Offset and has been quite busy managing it. So when does she get into the zone for making music?

“At night when the world shuts down to sleep and everything is quiet.”

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