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#RSOffStage feat. Pozy Dhar: ‘Everything is Set Up for Me to Record Quickly.’

The sessions guitarist on recording hacks and running shoes for our photo series on artists’ lives beyond the stage

Swaraj Sriwastav Aug 07, 2017

Pozy Dhar's 22nd floor abode. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

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A visit to Niranjan a.k.a. Pozy Dhar’s 22nd floor Goregaon residence reveals that the guitarist believes in functionality. Whether he’s on-the-go or in his bedroom, Dhar certainly likes to keep his song writing tabs always open.

“It’s quiet, everything is set up for me to record quickly–though a lot of song ideas come to me when I am driving, so most of the ideas first land up on my phone,” says Dhar. “I just hum them. Right now, there are almost like 300 ideas in there.”

Dhar recorded much of his solo album in his bedroom studio. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

Dhar, who plays guitar for the Amit Trivedi band, likes to take cues from the musicians who inspire him. Some are really ingenious.

Dhar uses a recording trick used by guitar greats like Tim Pierce. Photo: Swaraj Sriwastav

“I record electric guitars in my cupboard,” he says.

While that may sound like a surprising recording method, it is actually fairly popular practice among guitar pros like Pete Thorn and Tim Pierce to achieve a purer sound quality. Dhar has collaborated with musicians like Gino Banks, Clinton Cerejo and Nikhil D’Souza to name a few, in addition to working on his own solo project.

“The bottom half of my cupboard is the speaker cabinet and is sound-proofed. The mic is placed in front of the cabinet and the cupboard is shut. The amp heads are kept next to me. A speaker and mic cable runs [sic] out from there into my amps and sound card.  It works like a charm!” says Dhar. In the past, his in-bedroom setup allowed him to record all of the guitar parts for his solo album The Future Of Yesterday.

So how does Pozy Dhar rev up for those long hours in the studio? “I like to walk/jog,” he says. “The number of running shoes I have is way above the legal limit.”

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