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Russell Peters: Outsourced

Four Stars

Bobin James Jul 25, 2009
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Stand-up comedian Russell Peters is mean sometimes, he is brave many times and he is politically incorrect most of the times. But to his advantage, he is superfunny all the time, and that allows him to get away with stuff that lesser mortals would have gotten branded ”˜racist’ for. Outsourced is this Indo-Canadian comic’s 2006 debut on DVD but is only now available in India. So while many of us would have seen acts from this on YouTube, this DVD ”“ a recording of a San Francisco show – is a great disc to put on and laugh your guts out to. I was watching this alone at home, and I was introduced to the experience of snorting Coke (the drink, mind you!) up my nose. I kid you not.

The focus of Peters’ jokes is rather narrow – most of the 19 acts on this one have to do with racial stereotypes: hairy Indians, Korean drycleaners, Chinese accents (in fact, there is an entire segment on various Asian accents) ”“ but he delivers them so adeptly that he will have you in splits. Sure, his liberal usage of cusswords and references to various parts of the human anatomy justify the A rating for this DVD, but let that not stop you from getting this one. In fact, not only is it a must-watch, Outsourced is a must-own.

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