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Russian Post-Rock/Electronica Band I Am Waiting For You Last Summer to Tour India

The band is slated to perform at the Magnetic Fields Festival and a four-city tour this month

Anurag Tagat Dec 02, 2014
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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer. Photo: Alexander Karnyukhin

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer. Photo: Alexander Karnyukhin

If three-member electronic/rock band I Am Waiting For You Last Summer [IWFYLS] are to be believed, then Russia is the best setting for the sub-genre of post-rock. Says the Russian band’s guitarist Eugene Popov, “Russia is probably the most post-rockish country in the world. The reason lies in its incredible nature, people’s pride in our space travel achievements, a ”˜big Russian heart’ and quite a boring small town life.”

Founded in 2011 by Popov and guitarist Alex Sokolov, the group that began as a duo, wrote a few songs and then invited producer Lev Nikitin, to “enrich their sound” with elements of drum and bass and trip hop. Says Popov, “Having an atmospheric guitar melody as a base, we mix totally random elements such as trip-hop, twostep, ambient, drum ‘n bass, folk, orchestral etc.” After releasing their debut full-length album Edge Party in 2013, the band quickly followed up with In Eternal Lines in October last year.

With over a 100 shows clocked across Russia, IWFYLS are now on their first ever Asia tour, with stops in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and a five-city India tour, including a set at Magnetic Fields Festival in Rajasthan. Says Popov, “Our plan for a winter world tour was to visit as many different places as possible. We were glad to spot significant audience activity in India and include this country in our tour.” Although a three-member band that performs mostly instrumental music, IWFYLS’s live shows are known to ramp up the energy with rock and metal influences and the occasional amount of crowdsurfing. Says Popov, “Our live shows are very versatile and our main goal is to give people the feeling of a truly open mind and free spirit. Movement is the key of our show, and everyone [in the band] does it their own way – someone dances their feet off, someone else jumps into the crowd from the stage.”

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For their India tour, organized by Delhi-based event company Up Your Arts, the band will perform from In Eternal Lines and Edge Party as well as work on new material while on the road. Says Popov, “We plan to gather inspiration and finish the sketches we already have or even make some new tracks on the road. We’re staying in Thailand for a couple weeks and during New Year’s, so we’ll have time to develop ideas and prepare some things so that we could start recording in Spring.”


I Am Waiting For You Last Summer India Tour

December 11th ”“ The Moon and Sixpence, Chennai

December 12th ”“ CounterCulture, Bengaluru [Free Wheel Rollin’ 3]

December 14th ”“ Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan [Magnetic Fields Festival]

December 20th ”“ TBC, Ahmedabad

December 21st ”“ TBC, New Delhi

Listen to “Medley Season” here

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