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Ryan Gosling to Return for ‘The Gray Man’ Sequel as Netflix Also Announces Separate Spin-Off Film

Joe and Anthony Russo will return to direct the sequel, while the universe-building spin-off will be helmed by screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese

Larisha Paul Jul 27, 2022

The Gray Man (2022) Ryan Gosling as Six. Paul Abell/Netflix

While Ryan Gosling and Chris Evan’s leading characters in Netflix’s The Gray Man had their own CIA-rooted operations, the streaming giant was on a mission of its own: to launch a lucrative action franchise to rival the Mission: Impossibles and John Wicks of the world. Now, Netflix has set its plan in motion as the streaming platform announces plans for a Gray man sequel and separate spin-off film.

The Gray Man directors Anthony and Joe Russo will return to direct the sequel, which will also see the return of Gosling as Six. Stephen McFeely, who co-wrote the film based on Mark Greaney’s novel of the same name, will write its second iteration.

“The audience reaction to The Gray Man has been nothing short of phenomenal,” the Russo Brothers shared in a statement. “We are so appreciative of the enthusiasm that fans across the world have had for this film. With so many amazing characters in the movie, we had always intended for the Gray Man to be part of an expanded universe, and we are thrilled that Netflix is announcing a sequel with Ryan, as well as a second script that we’re excited to talk about soon.”

While the spin-off film is still in very early stages, it will center around various elements of The Gray Man world and written by screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

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“With The Gray Man, the Russos delivered an edge-of-your-seat spectacle that audiences around the world are loving,” said Scott Stuber, head of Global Films. “We’re excited to continue to partner with them and the team at AGBO as they build out The Gray Man universe.”

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