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Saachi Sings Unapologetically on New Single ‘DO/DON’T’

The track is the Mumbai singer-songwriter’s first release since last year’s ‘Better (24h)’

David Britto Dec 12, 2020

Mumbai singer-songwriter Saachi. Photo: Jai Gupta

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Although 2020 has been a tough year for most people, Mumbai singer-songwriter Saachi counts 2019 to have been much harder on her. The artist explains that she spent a large portion of it trying to make sense of life while also experiencing writer’s block. Although she released her jazzy R&B single “Better (24h)” last year, she says, “I think along the course of it came a new understanding in how I want to approach my craft.”

Now, Saachi is back with new music, this time in the shape of the moody “DO/DON’T.” The latest offering stemmed from an old voice note the singer-songwriter stumbled upon. “They were extremely vulnerable lyrics, ‘I’m doomed if I do, doomed if don’t,’” says Saachi. While the track holds a relaxed and laidback sonic approach with old-school hip-hop grooves and dramatic string parts, the musician sings about realizing that it’s not possible to please everyone. She says, “The lyrics were something I wrote as an explanation to myself for feeling guilty every time I let someone down. We live in an age of FOMO (fear of missing out) because you’re expected to do everything.” She adds, “I wanted to communicate the importance of living unapologetically through the song.”

The singer-songwriter worked with her go-to producer Ayan De on the track. Saachi tells us that De used hidden elements during the production from coffee sips acting as percussion sounds and breath noises designed to lift the song. “Ayan and I have this incredible communication that I can’t explain. Over the years it’s just been a ball to work with someone that understands what I’m trying to communicate,” she says.

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Throughout the pandemic, Saachi has used the time to keep learning and growing as an artist. Thanks to social media, she’s been able to continue staying in contact with her listeners. She says, “That was enough to keep me going.” The singer-songwriter is already plotting her next couple of releases, which she tells us are her most personal yet. Saachi is also optimistic about playing shows again soon while also hinting at collaborations and hoping that her fellow indie artists from across the country “can land up on international charts soon.” She says, “There’s so much indie talent out there and I cannot wait to work with these incredible artists.”

Stream “DO/DON’T” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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