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Sacha Baron Cohen Dumps ‘Kim Jong Il’s Ashes’ on Ryan Seacrest at Oscars

‘Anything can happen, and it most certainly did – all over my lapel.’

Rolling Stone Feb 27, 2012

In the span of a week, Sacha Baron Cohen went from being banned from attending the Oscars dressed as his latest character “the Dictator” to getting a last-minute reprieve from the Academy to ”¦ dumping what he said were Kim Jong Il’s ashes on Ryan Seacrest during E!’s live red carpet coverage of the event.

Emerging from a limo flanked by two women and dressed as General Aladeen, the fictional ruler of the Republic of Wadiya invented by the comedian, Cohen marched straight up to Seacrest and declared, “Death to the West!” before “accidentally” dumping an urn of the North Korean ruler’s ashes all over a seemingly stunned Seacrest.

Cohen’s explanation for having the ashes ”“ referred to as “Bisquick” later by Seacrest ”“ was that it was Kim Jong Il’s “dream to come to the Oscars and be sprinkled over the red carpet, and Halle Berry’s chest.”

As Cohen slithered off, Seacrest took it all in stride, saying: “I had an idea something was coming, I didn’t know in what fashion or form ”¦ Now you know why this isn’t taped. Anything can happen, and it most certainly did””all over my lapel.”

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