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Sandunes To Release New EP ‘Slybounce’

Listen to the Mumbai future garage artist’s first single “Night Craft”

Anurag Tagat May 24, 2014
Sandunes aka Sanaya Ardeshir. Photo: Naman Saraiya

Sandunes aka Sanaya Ardeshir. Photo: Naman Saraiya

Turns out there are some electronica artists who don’t like after-parties. Mumbai-based future garage artist Sanaya Ardeshir admits she’s always been the one to sneak out from post-gig parties and this idea gave birth to the term slybounce, which is the name of her second EP. Says Ardeshir, “I think [Mumbai electronica artist, bassist and visual designer] Varoon Nair or someone in the scene came up with the term ”˜slybounce’. It’s always something I’ve been trying to do, so it has a lot of value in the humorous sense.”

Ardeshir, who released her first EP Temper Tonic in October 2012 and later, her debut full-length, collaboration-heavy album Ever Bridge in September last year, says the four-track Slybounce is much more indulgent. Says Ardeshir, “There’s more openness in terms of style and genres. I wanted to be less serious on this one. I wasn’t as hard on myself to stick to a concept like I did on Ever Bridge.” While her full-length album concentrated on breaking down walls between genres through collaborations with artists such as Siddharth Basrur and rock band Indus Creed’s vocalist Uday Benegal, Slybounce will feature two guests. Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Sohrab Nicholson and London-based drummer Ian McKenzie feature on the title track “Slybounce,” which Ardeshir describes as a “band song” featuring live drums, synth and vocals. Ardeshir says that she now has a clearer idea how her studio tracks will be different from her live tracks. Says Ardeshir, “The studio stuff wasn’t dance music but it was more of ”˜listening’ music, unlike all my live songs.”

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Slybounce was originally set to release in the beginning of the year, but Ardeshir says her insistence on releasing the EP on a label has delayed the launch. Although Ardeshir’s next release will be on UK electronica and dubstep artist Skream’s label Of Unsound Mind, Ardeshir is currently in the final stages of releasing Slybounce on an international label. She will release just her first single “Night Craft” ahead of her show at the Humming Tree in Bengaluru, which kicks off her four-city launch tour. Says Ardeshir, “I think it [touring on the launch of a single] will work in my favor. I can play the single first. If it works for this EP, then I’ll carry it forward for the rest of releases.”


Listen to “Night Craft” here.


DJ Robby, Sandunes perform at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru on May 24th, 2014. Entry: free. Event details here.


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