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Sarah Krimson Releases Emotive New Song ‘Ocean Waves’

The U.K.-based pop artist sings about the importance of being alone on her latest offering

David Britto Feb 16, 2021

U.K.-based singer-songwriter Sarah Krimson. Photo: Courtesy of Thira Records

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After releasing two singles last year, U.K.-based singer-songwriter Sarah Krimson spent plenty of time focusing on building her music career. She says, “It’s amazing how much you can get done in a few months if you really put the work in.” Now, Krimson is out with her newest song, the emotional pop track “Ocean Waves.”

Initially penned in 2013, the musician officially completed the song in 2017. Inspired by her high school friend’s then relationship, she says, “I didn’t think then that he was treating her right after everything ended, so my thought went to ‘why isn’t he just leaving her alone.’” According to Krimson, the song is about the importance of being alone while sonically she’s taken bits from the likes of Lana Del Rey and Nightwish. “I love their music,” says the artist.

The singer-songwriter recorded the song at a tiny studio in London. She says, “I wanted to create a dreamy vibe for this track.” Krimson – who was born in Italy – grew up near a beach and was keen on including the crashing sound of waves alongside mild piano and synth arrangements. “I find the color and sound of the sea to be great companions when it comes to starting that journey with yourself,” she says. Next, the musician plans on releasing a single every month. “I am very excited,” says Krimson.

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Watch the video for “Ocean Waves” below:

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