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See Bozio Nienu’s Idyllic Video for Calming Debut Single ‘Lighthouse’

The Nagaland musician worked with folk group Tetseo Sisters’ brother and producer Mhaseve Tetseo on the track

David Britto Mar 02, 2021

Kohima-based singer-songwriter Bozio Nienu. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Kohima-based singer-songwriter Bozio Nienu tells us that he’s had a love for music for as long as he can remember. The 23-year-old musician recalls starting off performing at church with his parents teaching him three chords on the guitar. He says, “Singing competitions were a major stepping stone in developing my interest.” Although Nienu put out a song in 2017 while also flooding his YouTube channel with covers, the artist counts his latest breezy single “Lighthouse” as his debut single.

Nienu penned the new song in February 2020 one beautiful evening with just his guitar and the notes app opened on his phone to write lyrics. He says, “I wanted to write something that is calming to me, something that is personal and overall peaceful.” “Lighthouse” opens with percussive acoustic guitar playing before Nienu’s blissful vocals take over. The track builds with beautiful instrumentation, soothing melodies, poignant lyrics and more.

The singer-songwriter says, “The lyrics behind this song stresses and portrays a happy place that exists in everybody, a picture or a thought or a memory which brings peace and calm.” He adds, “In my case, [it was] a lighthouse by the sea and I’m inviting somebody who’s been troubled to come with me and create a new story to replace the hurt from yesterday.”

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“Lighthouse” was produced by Nagaland folk group Tetseo Sisters’ brother Mhaseve Tetseo. “He did all the mixing and mastering as well,” says Nienu. The musician also released a tranquil music video – directed and edited by videographers Qhevika Swu and Mhalevil Chaya – in which he’s seen performing the song in rustic locations such as an open field, near a lake and alongside beautiful mountains.

Looking towards the future, Nienu plans to study music further to widen his perspective. The singer-songwriter is also keen on releasing an EP by the end of this year. He says, “It’s been a long time coming, I have the songs and I hope I find the right producer that can bring my vision to life.” Nienu adds, “I truly believe in the power of music to spread positivity and love and that’s what my songwriting is mostly about.”

Watch the music video for “Lighthouse” below and stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music

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