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See Dhruv Kapoor’s Emotion Heavy Music Video For ‘Heartbreak Paradise’

The song is the title track off the New Delhi singer-songwriter’s debut EP

David Britto Jul 13, 2020

A still from "Heartbreak Paradise" with actors Riya Sisodiya (right) and Swarnima Singh.

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When New Delhi singer-songwriter Dhruv Kapoor was plotting a music video to go with the title track off his recently released debut four-track EP Heartbreak Paradise, the musician was leaning towards creating a “visual story” on the song. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, his plans were thrown out the window. Instead, with the help of New Delhi photographer and filmmaker Gorkey Patwal, they managed to come up with a new concept for the emotive song.

According to Kapoor, he wanted to encapsulate the feeling of longing through the song and the video draws on a similar theme. In the clip – edited by Faizan Ansari – we see actors Swarnima Singh (New York-based) and Riya Sisodia from Mumbai portraying two lovers on a split-screen. The two actors also shot the video themselves while in lockdown.

Kapoor says, “The idea of choosing two females wasn’t a very conscious choice, we wanted to show love and longing and I believed it could be done with any genders and that this wasn’t a statement of any sorts, I believe this was very normal and that’s what I wanted people to see and believe,” says Kapoor. The singer-songwriter explains that due to the lockdown a lot of couples have broken up and have faced challenges in their relationships.

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Throughout the video, both actors go about their lives but at the same time depict a sense of sadness to the viewer. The clip is open to interpretation according to Kapoor and he explains that even after the video ends, the story hasn’t. He says, “It is an endless limbo of uncertainties, and that’s the beauty of love.”

Due to COVID-19, Kapoor had to return to India from the U.S. where he is studying but tells us that the restrictions have been “emotionally taxing” on him. However, on the bright side, he is working on his debut full-length album as well as a Hindi EP. “It is very difficult for me to record while I’m in the States because of my hectic college schedule, so I’m hoping I can stay back for a while and record as much as I can in the next couple of months,” he says.

Watch the video for “Heartbreak Paradise” below:

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