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See Ed Sheeran in a Hilarious Scene From Danny Boyle’s ‘Yesterday’

What if the Beatles didn’t exist? We might have “Hey Dude” instead of “Hey Jude”

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Jun 19, 2019

Himesh Patel in 'Yesterday.'

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A young songwriter “introduces” the world to the Beatles in Danny Boyle’s upcoming film Yesterday. We have an exclusive clip from the movie, which is out June 28th.

The film stars Himesh Patel as Jack, an aspiring, but flailing, musician who’s involved in an accident while riding his bike at the same moment a mysterious blackout grips the world. When Jack awakens, he discovers that the Beatles have essentially been erased from history, though he still remembers all of their songs. Jack rides one of the world’s greatest catalogues of music to global superstardom, pretending to pen “Something” on the spot during a late-night TV appearance. But with newfound fame, Jack risks losing his childhood friend, Ellie (Lily James), the one person who has always believed in him.

Ed Sheeran is featured in the movie and, in this clip, he applauds Jack for “one genius idea after another,” and then suggests changing the song title for “Hey Jude” to “Hey Dude.”

“It’s definitely going to be one of the best songs of the generation,” Sheeran quips, with complete sincerity. Jack desperately wants to wake from the nightmare as Sheeran sings: “Dude-y, dude-y, dude-y!”

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