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See James Hetfield Evaluate Celebrities Wearing Metallica Tees

Singer weighs in on Kim Kardashian, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ryan Gosling and more rocking heavy metal band’s shirts

Daniel Kreps Nov 07, 2016
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James Hetfield evaluated one of Hollywood’s hottest fashion trends ”“ celebrities wearing distressed Metallica tees ”“ in a new video where the singer comments on Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling and 5 Seconds of Summer rocking the heavy metal band’s shirts.

On Kardashian ”“ or “Kanye West in drag” as Hetfield called her ”“ donning a cleavage-exposing “Metal Up Your Ass” tee, Hetfield told Buzzfeed Mexico, “It’s obviously a little large for her, as there is more skin showing than I would let my daughter do. If she was around beforeKill ‘Em All and bought that shirt, I’d be pretty impressed.”

In addition to showcasing an arsenal of Metallica shirts, the video also highlighted how little Hetfield knows about contemporary celebrities: “He’s got to be in One Direction or some kind of Direction,” Hetfield says of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford. Hetfield also recognized Ryan Gosling, and enjoyed the movie where the actor donned a Metallica shirt, but is unable to name Gosling.

Mary-Kate Olsen, “one of the twins from some TV show,” similarly confuses Hetfield. “That’s a ‘Damage, Inc’ shirt. She probably bought that shirt, or had somebody buy it for her. I don’t know,” the singer said. “She’s too cute for the new album.”

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Hetfield also jokingly called Avril Lavigne “the singer of Nickelback,” and while he knows who she is and has met her, it’s unclear if he actually knows her name.

“It still shocks me that we are this old,” Hetfield said of the young stars rocking Metallica tees. “And that people say to me, ‘The first album I listened to was Load or Reload.’ That’s amazing.”

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