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See Katy Perry Play Selfie-Taking Marie Antoinette in ‘Hey Hey Hey’ Video

‘Witness’ singer resists womanizing royalty, gets beheaded in cartoonish clip

Rolling Stone Dec 21, 2017

Katy Perry plays FaceTime-ing Marie Antoinette in the cartoonish new "Hey Hey Hey" video.

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Katy Perry plays Marie Antoinette for the selfie era in her wildly silly “Hey Hey Hey” video.

The clip follows the “Swish Swish” singer as she she preps for an ill-fated date with royalty: She wakes up in her mansion (wearing a Mozart T-shirt styled like the Metallica logo), enjoys Starbucks in bed, FaceTimes with her annoying partner, secures her chastity belt and dresses up in a powdered wig and hoop skirt.

During her date, the 18th century Perry grows bored and starts FaceTiming another suitor. Demeaned and irritated, she eventually slaps her companion in the face ”“ leading to her punishment of beheading via guillotine. Finally, Perry’s sword-wielding doppelgänger (Joan of Arc) avenges her.

“Hey Hey Hey” highlights Perry’s fifth LP, Witness, which came out in June. In September, the singer launched a massive promotional tour, which continues through August 2018. Her next date is December 20th in Miami.

Watch Katy Perry’s video for “Hey Hey Hey” below:

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