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See Mission:Recovery’s Angsty Video For ‘Riot’

The Pune rap-rock artist says, ‘The song is about waking up, standing by your own identity and not being made to obey other’s virtues’

David Britto Jan 12, 2021

Pune rap-rock artist Vishal Pisharoti aka Mission:Recovery. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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On New Year’s Eve, Pune rap-rock artist Vishal Pisharoti aka Mission:Recovery released the video for his angsty new song “Riot.”

The high-energy pulsating track includes crunchy rock breakdowns and fiery guitar riffs while Pisharoti drops bars on freedom of speech and expression. He says, “There is always a carnivorous side to us youngsters, we find everything a little visceral and cannot be defined.” Pisharoti adds, “However crooked it may seem, we are what we are. I see ourselves today divided by the comment sections, by morals and codes we may not want to be a part of.”

In the track’s accompanying video – directed and edited by Pisharoti – the artist keeps things angsty with scenes of him performing the track interspersed with archival footage. “I wanted to bring the concept of being set ablaze in your own thoughts, cutting the flame out eventually,” says the rapper. He adds, “Somehow it turned out alright and the visuals in my head began to take shape.”

Mission:Recovery has got more music coming out in 2021, as he plans to drop three EPs this year. The artist also wants to work on more music videos. “This year has its problems too but I’ll carefully work it out,” he says.

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Watch the video below: 

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