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See Seasonal Affected Beats’ Moody Video For ‘Let The Light In’

The track is off the New Delhi producer-percussionist’s debut EP ‘2°’ and features vocalist Kavya Trehan

David Britto May 26, 2020

Kavya Trehan and Tarun Balani (seated) feature in the video of "Let the Light In." Photo: Parizad D/Mohit Mukhi

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Earlier this year New Delhi-based jazz drummer and percussionist Tarun Balani aka Seasonal Affected Beats released his hypnotic five-track debut EP . According to the musician the record is a personal experience and draws inspiration from climate change, mental health and digital existentialism. One of the tracks from the EP, the melancholic “Let The Light In,” featuring New Delhi vocalist Kavya Trehan has been given a visual to go with it which was recently released.

The collaboration between the two musicians came about after Balani heard Trehan’s 2018 track “Underscore.” He says, “Around the same time, I had released the first single ‘Hypnagogia’ as Seasonal Affected Beats. We were pinging each other on Instagram, with ideas about doing a vocal version of ‘Hypnagogia.’” However, the pair instead decided to co-write a song together which ended up becoming “Let The Light In.” Balani adds, “It was such a wonderful experience working with her.”

In the clip accompanying the track – which addresses mental health – Balani depicts a person who is not in a sound state of mind while Trehan plays his partner experiencing the “process of healing, self-care and recovery.” Directed by Parizad D and shot by Mohit Mukhi, in the video we see the two musicians clasping each other’s fingers by a piano, laying on the floor and sitting on a chair together while slow-motion camera work runs across the screen.

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According to Balani, the music video was a challenge to produce and execute as it was shot over two days at the drummer’s apartment. He says, “In the end it all came together, thanks to Parizad’s vision and of course everyone involved.”

While in lockdown, Balani has been using the time to practice the piano and trumpet as well as write new music. Next, Balani is ready to release his jazz group Dharma’s first single in June. “I am also working on some new music for Seasonal Affected Beats, which will be a collaboration with various songwriters I admire,” he says.

Watch the video for “Let The Light In” below:

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