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See Sharma and the Besharams Bond with Nature in New Video for ‘Sarphira’

The Mumbai band channel their funk side on the fresh track

Jan 18, 2021

Mumbai indie group Sharma and the Besharams. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

After releasing their optimistic single “Bas Thodi Der Aur” during peak lockdown last year, the members of Mumbai-based indie band Sharma and the Besharams all entered into various projects. Vocalist Vasuda Sharma delved into the world of composing ad jingles, drummer Rahul Hariharan held online drum lessons, guitarist and banjo player Chaitanya Bhaidkar immersed himself into his home studio while bassist Chirayu Vedekar says, “I had a wholesome experience working at a halwaai ki dukaan (sweets and snacks shop) throughout lockdown.”

However, once things eased up, the band reconnected and began rehearsing once more as well as recorded their latest funky single “Sarphira.” The new track was written in 2019, just before the release of the group’s four-track EP Bedesi. Sharma says, “We even played the song at our launch gig and it was really well received.”

With “Sarphira,” Sharma and the Besharams explore a more groovy and syncopated style to their music and even incorporate a touch of blues and jazz too. Sharma’s catchy vocal hooks sit on top of the dancey bass and drum parts quite well while a silky guitar solo makes the song quite the earworm. “The recording process was a first for the band as we all recorded our instruments remotely, unlike all the other times where we’ve been in the same room,” says Hariharan. The band also called on percussionist Moez Dawad to add to the song while Indo-American prog-rockers Skyharbor’s guitarist Keshav Dhar mixed and mastered it.

When the band were booked to play their first public, post-lockdown gig in November last year, they decided to shoot a video for the track, conceptualized by Loud Communication, at the sprawling Camp Max in Kalote, Maharashtra. In the clip directed by Demosh Rao, the band is seen performing the song on a beautiful and serene lakeside while other scenes catch them belting it out in a lush forest and mountain area. The video ends with the group entertaining attendees at the gig, seen dancing and grooving to the tunes by Sharma and the Besharams.

Following this, the indie outfit now plans to record their single “Kataar Mein” while also working on newer material for the rest of the year. Hariharan says, “Hopefully some gigs too, with safety measures in place.”

Watch the video for “Sarphira” below: