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See Shenna Explode with Colors in Video For ‘Try Another Taste’

The track is the U.S.-based pop artist’s first piece of new music since last year’s ‘Blue Memories’ EP

David Britto Nov 24, 2020

U.S.-based pop artist Shenna. Photo: Malcolm Fong

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After releasing her six-track EP Blue Memories last year, New York-based pop artist Shenna toured the East Coast of America and even Japan. She says, “It fueled me with more love for the music industry as it was such an amazing experience.” During the pandemic, Shenna has let her creative juices flow and decided to challenge herself as an indie artist by thinking outside the box. A first glimpse into what she’s been cooking up is the just-released saccharine track called “Try Another Taste.”

Shenna penned the new song with producer Malcolm Fong while brainstorming ideas for her next album. When the singer heard the beat for the first time, she says, “I immediately became a madwoman and started recording a voice memo yelling the chorus rhythm and these words, ‘I’ll get it right, I’ll get, get you right.’” The pair completed the track within two days and it features a bouncy hook, catchy melodies, indulgent production, pop flavors galore as well as Shenna’s bright and cheerful vocals. “I find my best songs come to me in the moment,” says the artist

The track’s accompanying video – shot and edited by Lawrence Turner and Fong – was filmed at Shenna’s New York City apartment. Inspired by how colors symbolize moods, Shenna is seen dancing and performing the song in neon-lit outfits and backgrounds. “I called some of my friends over to help me piece it together from choreography to styling. It was a very fun atmosphere.”

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As the pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of people, Shenna – who admits she is most happy while on the move and busy – has managed to adapt to working from home by keeping a to-do list and chalking off challenges. She says, “Doing this has kept my mental health intact.” As a way of paying homage to those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19, the pop artist is releasing an emotional Christmas song titled “Angel On The Tree.” Ask Shenna if she would like to tour India when things get better and she says, “Actually, when I look at my numbers online, I have a listening audience over there and absolutely love the culture and of course the tasty food so it would be a dream come true [to tour in India].”

Watch the video for “Try Another Taste” below:

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