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See Zoe Siddharth Pick Herself Up in New Video For ‘Chasing’

The track is the Mumbai-based singer-songwriter’s second single after last year’s debut ‘Human’

David Britto Oct 07, 2021

Chennai/Mumbai singer-songwriter Zoe Siddharth. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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A good year on since releasing her touching debut single “Human,” Chennai-bred and Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Zoe Siddharth has kept herself quite busy. Siddharth went on to release a lot of fun content on YouTube with fellow musician Urgen Yolmo, dropped a single called “With Me” as part of their duo Zoe & Urgen, picked up acting and modeling auditions and has also been giving out singing lessons.

Now, Siddharth is back with her follow-up to “Human” in the shape of the acoustic leaning “Chasing.” The track came about in 2019 when the singer-songwriter was facing writer’s block and she asked Yolmo to give her a chord progression and a topic to write about. “It was more like an exercise to basically get back into writing,” she says. “He [Yolmo] said, ‘Maybe write about loving yourself.’ And then the song just kind of came out and I thought, ‘This is actually not so bad, maybe this is not an exercise, maybe I can release this.’”

The musician tells us that her writing methods vary and that it’s not often that she usually pens something down based on a topic. “I also write based on my feelings or I write based on something that I get inspired by. So literally, I could see a quote or a GIF on Instagram that’s cute and think maybe I could write something about that.” Siddharth adds, “So it’s a little bit mashed up and little hodgepodge, but this was the first time I think when was given a topic I wrote something that I was ready to release.”

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New Delhi guitarist-producer Keshav Dhar (from Indo-American prog-rock outfit Skyharbor) worked on “Chasing” with Siddharth and has given the song a simple touch with its pleasant guitar arrangement that complements the singer-songwriter’s quaint and relaxed vocals. Talking about the song, Siddharth says, “When you’re in the lows of lows after a situation or you’re constantly chasing after a person that probably is bad for you… it’s about actually realizing that instead of being in that position or hating the fact that you’re in such a low that you don’t have to wait for somebody to come and save you, you can and pull yourself up on your own.” The musician adds, “Sometimes it’s okay to be on your own, you don’t have to go around chasing people that are bad for you.”

There’s also a music video released – shot and edited by Mumbai-based videographer and musician Blake D’Silva – wherein Siddharth is seen performing the track while portraying the song’s message of getting out of a slump on your own through her movements. Siddharth captured the film with D’Silva at an Airbnb she rented for the shoot. She says, “It’s [the location] very teal-colored, everything is kind of matching, there’s lots of greens and lots of plants and a hammock. It gave a nice aesthetic to the video.”

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Next, the singer-songwriter tells us that there’s a Zoe & Urgen track in the pipeline while she’s also got two more solo singles being prepared. “My goal now is to be a little bit more consistent than releasing one song a year.” With gigs returning now, Siddharth is also keen on getting back on stage. “I’m really looking forward to being live on stage with the energy of the audience, I’m really missing that aspect of it,” she says.

Watch the video for “Chasing” below:

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