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Seedhe Maut Discuss their New Single ‘Shaktimaan,’ Upcoming Album and More

The New Delhi-based duo reveal their upcoming LP will have nine tracks

Riddhi Chakraborty Sep 03, 2018

Seedhe Maut

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Hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut returned last week with “Shaktimaan,” the first single off their upcoming debut album under Azadi Records. Comprising New Delhi rappers Encore ABJ and Calm, Seedhe Maut are known for their rapid-fire bilingual rap and trap leanings. The upcoming LP is a follow-up to the duo’s highly acclaimed 2017 mixtape 2 Ka Pahada.

Produced by New Delhi hip-hop producer Sez On The Beat, “Shaktimaan” outlines the frustrations and power of the common man. The track’s title is a reference to the popular Indian series Shaktimaan (1997-2005) and the video (directed by production company CanFuse) follows the story of a demotivated bank employee itching to break free of the corporate grind and his cruel boss.

Last week Calm sat down with us to discuss in detail the meaning behind “Shaktimaan,” plans for touring and Seedhe Maut’s emphasis on believing in oneself.

Can you tell me a little bit about the message and process of writing and producing “Shaktimaan”?

The message we’re trying to portray in this song is that according to how things work we’re all just Gangadhar. Who is just another random nine-to-five working guy. People put us down all the time but what we need to know is “Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai.” People demotivate us, tell us you won’t be able to do this or do that but we don’t stop because of that. There’s a Shaktimaan in all of us and we should realize that. The writing process on the other hand. It took the both of us a couple of days to write the song. Sez already had the beat ready, we went to his studio and recorded the song!

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How did the concept of the music video come about?

We guys make sure we’re involved in every single thing related to the song. The both of us scripted the whole video and sent it across to our team. Everyone like the idea and we went with it! CanFuse obviously nailed it and we had (Mumbai rapper) D’Evil in the video doing a cameo as well!

What do you hope people take away from the track after they listen to it?

We want people to feel different after they listen to this song. They should feel special and should always believe in themselves is what we want them to take away from this song. Always believe in yourself and what you do.

Are their any details you can spill–collaborations, touring plans etc–about your upcoming debut album?

We’re cooking up some heat which we’ll announce in some time! Our debut album will have a total of nine tracks all produced by Sez. We have some gigs lined up for the next two months! Playing at the Weekender and also planning a tour around the release of the album so lets see how everything goes!

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