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Our Yada Yada List On Seinfeld

The American comedian star of the wildly popular sitcom will be in India next month. We wouldn’t want you to be tongue-tied just in case you bumped into him, so we got you all the dirt on his life and work

Rolling Stone India
Rolling Stone India Feb 12, 2015
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Seinfeld with Julia Louis-Dreyfus | Photo: Alan Light/CC by 2.0

Seinfeld with Julia Louis-Dreyfus | Photo: Alan Light/CC by 2.0

Artist and event management company OML announced yesterday that the unequivocal king of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld, would be headlining their music and arts festival Stage 42. The last addition to a lineup that includes artists such as Canadian comedian Russell Peters as well as homegrown talent such as Papa CJ, Abish Mathew and more, Seinfeld will perform in Mumbai – and considering the much-loved American star’s reputation, it’s likely that the limited capacity venues will sell out quickly.


Here’s a list of facts and “yada yada” about the actor behind one of the most successful shows in TV history:

– Seinfeld has an incredible collection of white sneakers, which began with a pair that belonged to Joe Namath of the 1969 New York Jets, a football player who he looked up to and wanted to be like.

– In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jerry Seinfeld revealed that his fascination with the number nine factored into his decision to end Seinfeld after exactly nine seasons.

– Frank Sinatra died on the day of the show’s finale [no, we are not blaming Seinfeld], on May 14th, 1999. According to rumor, the ambulance arrived at Sinatra’s house in under 4 minutes because “everyone was home watching Seinfeld.”

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– Seinfeld’s favorite shows growing up were Get Smart, Laugh-In and Batman.

– According to Wealth-X, Seinfeld’s net worth is $820 million which makes him wealthiest actor alive. The next fact explains why.

– The last episode of Seinfeld aired nearly 17 years ago, but the Emmy-winning sitcom still rakes in top dollar thanks to worldwide syndication deals.

– The comedian is also the author of two books ”“ the best-seller Seinlanguage(1993) and the children’s book Halloween (2003).

– Seinfeld studied Communications and Theater at City University of New York and graduated in 1976. That same year, he made his stand-up debut at an open mic night in Catch a Rising Star nightclub.

– The original concept for Seinfeld was a documentary-style show about how a comedian gets his material and not “a show about nothing.”



Jerry Seinfeld at Stage 42

March 14th, 2015 ”“ TBC, Mumbai

March 15th, 2015 ”“ TBC, Mumbai


Entry: Rs. 7500 onwards


Details here.




Images courtesy: seinfeldgifs.tumblr.com, carygrantism.tumblr.com

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