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SEVENTEEN Embrace the Global Punk Resurgence on “Rock With You”

The track is the lead single off the K-pop group’s latest EP ‘Attacca’

Divyansha Dongre Oct 22, 2021
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Making their first comeback after their June 2021 release, “Ready To Love,” K-pop group SEVENTEEN shift gears on their new single, “Rock With You.”  

Leading the group’s ninth mini-album, Attacca, the track embraces the global resurgence of punk rock with its trap and rock soundscape. Co-written by members Joshua, Vernon, Woozi (who has also participated in the track’s composition) alongside producers Bumzu, Josh McClelland, Jordan Witzigreuter, Cameron Walker, Tim Tan, Kim In Hyun and Matt Terry, “Rock With You” is about being lovestruck. 

Using various music-related metaphors, the track explains the stir of romance; “No words are enough for you/ Want to write it lyrical/ So let me read and write my emotions through you.” SEVENTEEN do a stellar job at maintaining an energetic tempo with a careful amalgamation of percussion and synth. Complimented by the group’s vocal prowess, the synchronization between the strong beats and breathy vocals meets the emotional quotient the track draws its inspiration from. 

With a choreography-driven music video, “Rock With You” sees the group switch between various sets ranging from the interiors of a planetarium, recording studio, beaming stage amongst others. Right before the music video concludes, the group displays a dynamic and spirited dance performance, matching the bass-boosted synth-rock beats echoing in the background. 

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SEVENTEEN’s latest seven-track project, Attacca, includes their first English-language track “2 MINUS 1,” alongside “Rock With You,” “To You,” “Crush,” “PANG!,” “Imperfect Love,” and “I Can’t Love Away.” The EP follows the journey of love, connecting the group’s previous two releases, Semicolon and Ready To Love. While Semicolon denotes taking a pause, Ready To Love showed one’s vulnerability towards embracing love. Now with Attacca, SEVENTEEN confidently progresses onto the next stage– attacking love. 

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