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Seventeen Get Ready to Risk Everything in ‘Ready to Love’

The 13-member South Korean group also held a press conference earlier today to detail their new EP ‘Your Choice’

Riddhi Chakraborty Jun 18, 2021
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South Korean group Seventeen made a comeback today with their eighth EP Your Choice. The album is led by the single “Ready to Love” and its pastel, dream-like music video.

Written by the group’s vocalist Woozi and produced in collaboration various artists and HYBE’s founder Bang Si-hyuk, “Ready to Love” outlines a confession of love, with the lyrics professing a readiness to commit to a meaningful relationship: “I’m ready to love/ Tell me, can we stay together?/ I’m a fool of love for you/ My heart by your side forever.” In a press conference earlier today, vocalist DK explained the track further. “’Ready to Love’ is about feeling love for a person that I thought was a friend and be ready to courageously express my love,” he said. “It’s an energetic R&B song that feels very fresh.” The track blends R&B and an upbeat synth-pop rhythm for a summery vibe.

The music video is flooded with pastel sets, creating a dreamy atmosphere as the 13 members prepare to confess their feelings for their love interests. The absolute highlight however is towards the end, when Seventeen gather together to perform choreography under the rain, showing off their prowess for immaculate synchronisation.

Your Choice is part of the group’s ‘Power of Love’ project. Vocalist Joshua stated, “Love is at the centre of our many actions and emotions. Whether it be self love, love for your friends or family or your pet. These are examples of the many different forms of love, but the main thing is that love is at the centre of it all. Through Your Choice and the Power of Love Project we want to show these many diverse forms in our own unique way. We want to make music that many people can relate to and show a new side of Seventeen no one has seen before.” Rapper Mingyu also added, “The key points of ‘Power of Love’ are love and empathy and there are different forms of love in our daily life and this is what the project is about.”

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Seventeen at today’s press conference for Your Choice. Photo: Courtesy of HYBE

About working with Bang after HYBE’s acquisition of Seventeen’s label Pledis Entertainment last year, Woozi said, “Now that we have become HYBE artists, we have been given the environment to work in new ways and we’ve also gotten the opportunity to work with Producer Bang. It was such an honor to work with him because I listened to his work while growing up.” The vocalist also described “Ready to Love” as a multi-dimensional track that showcases a more mature side of Seventeen.

The EP features a total of six tracks including “Ready to Love”: “Heaven’s Cloud,” “Anyone,” “Gam3 Bo1,” “Wave” and finally “Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night.” In addition to some of the tracks being performances by Seventeen’s various sub-units, the record also sees the group experiment with various new sounds including disco-funk, rock, retro R&B and more.

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