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Watch Seventeen’s Dreamy New Video for ‘Oh My!’

The 13-member South Korean boy group make a strong comeback with their 5th EP ‘You Make My Day’

Riddhi Chakraborty Jul 16, 2018

Seventeen are often called the 'self-producing idols' thanks to their heavy involvement in their own songwriting, production and choreography. Photo: Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

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South Korean boy group Seventeen make a strong comeback today with their fifth EP You Make My Day. The release comes with a sweet, pastel-hued music video for the lead single “Oh My!” and follows the group’s Japanese debut EP, We Make You in May.

The video for “Oh My!” starts with the 13 members gathered together in a dormitory for a sleepover before they begin to–quite literally–float between dreams and reality. There are clips of the members lying on fluffy clouds, sitting down for an Alice In Wonderland-esque lunch and of course no Seventeen video is complete without their signature clockwork-smooth choreography. “Oh My!” ends with the group watching fireworks and engaging in a pillow fight before cutting to a shot of them all fast asleep.

The track is mainly synth-pop but stirs things up with an almost gospel-like breakdown at the bridge and vocalists Seungkwan and DK particularly shine with their powerful high notes. The lyrics talk about the sense of slight panic and wonder felt when you first realize you are in love; should you confess? does the other person feel the same way? “Oh my! What should I do because I like you?/How about you? Is it hard to go to sleep because of me?”

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Seventeen debuted in 2015 and are often called the ‘self-producing idols’ thanks to their heavy involvement in their own songwriting, production and choreography. The group first made waves thanks to their formation-heavy dance routines and are hailed for their synchronization. Seventeen consists of three sub-units, the performance/dance team, vocal team and hip-hop team, based on each member’s individual skills.

Watch the video for “Oh My!” below:

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