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Seventeen’s Hoshi Drops Mesmerizing Solo Track ‘Spider’

The South Korean vocalist and dancer also unveiled a sultry and artistic music video to accompany the release

Riddhi Chakraborty Apr 02, 2021
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South Korean group Seventeen‘s member Hoshi dropped his first solo mixtape earlier today titled Spider. The release was accompanied by an elegant music video which the singer and dancer teased on social media in the days leading up to the track’s release. 

“Spider” sees Hoshi pair R&B and neo soul with his breathy vocals, giving audiences a sultrier, more mature side of him. Produced and co-written in collaboration with fellow Seventeen member Woozi, “Spider” is about a being caught in an consuming relationship which Hoshi compares to a spider’s web: “You tie me up like a spider/ We’re tangled up we can’t escape/ Like a spider I enjoy this puzzle/ Pretend to hate I/t Baby I still like it baby.” He knows being in the situation is dangerous, but he is too addicted to let go, “Too many times I get caught tho I know it/ If this is fate, danger is okay/ Must be intoxicated by your poison/ Can’t feel any anxiety/ Oh now I like this place.”

The music video is an indulgence of art and choreography, allowing Hoshi to showcase his skills as Seventeen’s main dancer. He weaves his way through sets that symbolize webs, while performing smooth choreography that sees him entangled with hordes of dancers. The visuals are elegant and futuristic, focusing on Hoshi’s precise movements with slow, sweeping shots. 

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Hoshi surprised fans with the news of the release last week, dropping an image of an ‘H’ stylized as a spider on Seventeen’s social media on March 26th. In addition to being released on all major music streaming platforms, Spider was also released on Soundcloud and is available for fans to download for free via Dropbox. Spider follows Hoshi’s previous solo releases like 2017’s “Hurricane” and 2018’s “Touch.”


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