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Shaa’ir and Func Performs At Blue Frog, Mumbai

The Mumbai electro duo will also release an acoustic album

Rolling Stone India Mar 06, 2013
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Shaa'ir and Func.

Shaa’ir and Func

It’s Mumbai electronica group Shaa’ir and Func’s first club gig in Mumbai in a year [the band last played a show at Thakur College in Kandivli, in November last year]. “There are not too many venues we haven’t played in. We’ve done the rounds and right now, we’d rather be at festivals and working on new material,” says vocalist Monica Dogra aka Shaa’ir. New material for a fourth album, which is the follow up to 2010’s Mantis, is part of their 90-minute set at Blue Frog. “It will be a mix of old and new and some of the oldest tunes re-rendered,” says Dogra.

While we’ve been reading rumors of guest collaborations, Dogra puts them to rest. “Our band is very collaborative as it is,” says Dogra, referring to drummer Aditya Ashok [drum and bass artist Ox7gen] and bassist Rohit ”˜P-Man’ Pereira [one half of dubstep duo ViceVersa and bassist for brutal death metal band Exhumation]. “It’s a very cohesive unit as of now.”

Plans for the fourth album are underway, but more immediately, the duo are working on an acoustic album. Who would ever think the pulsing, dance-happy tunes of electro duo Shaa’ir and Func could be stripped down for an acoustic album? “Our songs have become known as heavy, energetic, electronic stuff, so the album is to showcase the songwriting aspect of the band,” says Dogra of the seven-10 track album that the group has been working on for over two years and slated to release either in April or May. Shaa’ir and Func will play at Blue Frog on March 7th as part of the first ROLLING STONE Live night this month.

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Rolling Stone Live Night featuring Shaa’ir and Func will be held at Blue Frog, Mumbai on March 7th, 2013. Free entry for women. Entry Rs 350 post 9pm. Event details here.

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