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Free Download: Sharma and The Besharams’ New Single ‘Hangout Hangover’

Frontwoman Vasuda Sharma’s band featuring a motley bunch of Mumbai musicians keep the mood light on their first release

Riddhi Chakraborty Sep 12, 2016
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Bright and uplifting, Sharma and The Besharams' “Hangout Hangover” is a curious mix of pop and folk. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Bright and uplifting, Sharma and The Besharams’ “Hangout Hangover” is a curious mix of pop and folk. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Although Mumbai-based indie pop band Sharma and The Besharams have been performing together live for over a year, “Hangout Hangover” is a late but carefully crafted debut to give audiences a proper introduction to the band. “We thought this would be a nice song to come out with so that people know what the band sounds like,” says frontwoman and vocalist Vasuda Sharma. “We could call it a teaser.”

Bright and uplifting, “Hangout Hangover” is a curious mix of pop and folk with various unlikely instruments like the ukulele [which Sharma plays herself] and banjo thrown in. “The ukulele I just picked up because I like how light it is, how travel-friendly it is, and I love the sound,” says Sharma, adding that playing the uke led her to explore interesting sound for her composition. She adds, “I was frantically looking for someone who would play banjo and unfortunately there are very few.”

While the paucity of banjo players in the country made things tough for a while, Sharma’s search finally ended with Chaitanya Bhaidkar, who has now been performing with her for a while. “He has a great knowledge of Hindustani classical and he uses that on the guitar and banjo. So I like that–where it’s kind of an experiment of blending Indian melodies with western instruments,” says Sharma.

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Also comprising blues/rock guitarist Kush Upadhayay, music composer and keyboardist JK, bassist Chirayu Vedekar and Bhayanak Maut drummer Rahul Hariharan, the motley bunch that make up Sharma and The Besharams are currently working on similar, fusion-filled sounds for their untitled debut EP. “We have a self-set deadline of mid-October [for the EP] but let’s see,” says Sharma.

For the colorful “Hangout Hangover” video which released on September 9th, the band decided to go DIY. To pull off the theme of a house party, they called in fans, friends and family to be part of the video on and off screen, including biggies from the film and music industry who helped with production.

Although hesitant to give away any more details, Sharma does share that most of their upcoming music will be as positive as their debut single. “It’s all fun stuff with light humor and a feel-good [vibe],” Sharma informs, adding they want to maintain those themes in their future music videos as well. “I think as a band that’s what our sound is all about.”


Download Sharma and The Besharams – Hangout Hangover (right click and save as)

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