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Sheridan Brass Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for Debut Album

The Bengaluru country artist aims to raise funds and travel to Nashville to make his record

David Britto Jul 15, 2021

Bengaluru-based country artist Sheridan Brass. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Country artist Sheridan Brass spent most of his years in South India growing up in Ooty, Yercaud, Kodaikanal and Coonoor before settling in Bengaluru. He recalls music always being played at home. Brass says, “It was either blasting on our music system or dad and my brothers were belting out tunes on the guitar.” Brass – who dropped out of college twice – knew from an early age that he was cut out to sing. He says, “That’s when I started taking music more seriously and I have been a full-time musician since then.”

Now in his 13th year as a full-time musician, it was only earlier this year that Brass thought of the idea to crowdfund his dream; to go to the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee and record his debut album.

Brass calls the campaign “Building the Nashville Dream.” His goal is to raise enough funds for him to travel to Nashville with his original material and spend six months there collaborating with various songwriters, musicians and producers. He says, “I want to come out with a fully mastered album from the heart of country music itself.” Folks can contribute towards the campaign by purchasing virtual bricks that Brass has set up in order to build his dream. He says, “Each brick is priced at ₹2000 and I need to collect a total of 3750.” The musician adds, “The aim is for me to go to Nashville in March of 2022 and I’m hoping to achieve my target by the end of 2021.”

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On what made him fall in love with country music, Brass puts it down to its simplicity, realness and the values it upholds. “Values like God, family and fishing,” he says. Another thing that draws him to Nashville is the iconic venue the Grand Ole Opry. “Nashville is also music city and it’s the best place to be for anyone trying to make it in music and I believe that I need to be there for those reasons,” he says.

According to Brass, he feels that his life’s mission is to bring country music to India and make it relatable to the masses. He says, “Simply because I feel like our values here and the values that country music possesses in its core are so very similar and we haven’t really talked about it too much here in our country.” He adds, “I don’t see a better way to get that message across. I guess that’s why I call myself the country music evangelist.”

To contribute towards Brass’ campaign visit his Facebook page for more details or write to him on [email protected]

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