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Shillong Artists Reble and Dappest Team Up for Motivational Track ‘Manifest’

The young hip-hop collaboration is produced by Khasi Bloodz’ beatsmith D’Mon.

Anurag Tagat Oct 21, 2020

Shillong rapper Reble (left) and singer-rapper Dappest in a still from their new video 'Manifest.' Photo: Sankirang L Khongwir

Over glossy guitar lines and rumbling hip-hop elements, Shillong rapper Reble aka Daiaphi Lamare and singer Dappest aka Dapher Laloo sing about being true to oneself on their new song “Manifest.” Produced by Shillong beatsmith D’Mon aka Lamonte Pakyntein (formerly of hip-hop group Khasi Bloodz), the track offers a smooth, familiar blend of rap and soul.

At 18 years old Reble is releasing her fourth single, following the likes of “BAD” and “Believe,” while Dappest is quickly becoming the go-to voice for North East artists such as electronic/hip-hop duo adL x kly (“Back 2 Back”) and seasoned producer Stunnah Beatz. Dappest, who has officially been releasing material since 2019, says his newest collaboration brings different styles together and adds “more complexity to the palette.” The track also features guitars by Shillong artist Haniel R. Kharlukhi.

Lyrically, Dappest notes that “Manifest” is about how entitlement can “ruin a person’s image” and being honest with ourselves can go a long way. “Also, habituating oneself to keep trying, even if met with failure,” he says. Reble adds that the aim with this single was to reach a wider audience with a simpler message about authenticity and standing out. She adds, “I just wanted to write something that could actually motivate people belonging to different backgrounds.” In the video directed by photographer and filmmaker Sankirang L. Khongwir, the duo are seen rapping their parts outdoors, while there’s also glimpses of D’Mon and the recording process over at the producer’s Mix & Flow Productions studio.

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Dappest promises that 2021 will be an “eventful year” for him as an artist, including the release of a compilation album with adL x kly on the cards. “I’m hoping the project really puts us up there,” he says. Reble, for her part, is all about walking the talk in terms of living up to what she sings about. “I’ve been working on my self-improvement and I’m very excited to express a new side of me. I would like to come up with more releases and show people what I’m actually made of,” she says.

Watch the video for “Manifest” below.