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Shillong Metallers Dymbur Announce Debut Album

After a change in personnel, the band has turned their signature motto into an album title, ‘The Legend of Thraat’

Anurag Tagat Jun 26, 2019

Shillong metallers Dymbur. Photo: Embor Sayo

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Just like Sweden’s djent metallers Vildhjarta had “thall” as their calling card that helped them carve a somewhat distinct identity in the metal subculture, Shillong experimental metal band Dymbur coined their own phrase called “thraat.” It didn’t really mean anything, until now.

Guitarist Cornelius Kharsyntiew tells us, “It was a word I made up. It became popular with us and created a certain sense of hype.” When they commissioned illustrator Visual Amnesia aka Reuben Bhattacharya to work on album artwork, it quickly turned into a brainstorming session that brought in Khasi folk tales and Dymbur’s own fictional universe, calling their debut record The Legend of Thraat. Kharsyntiew says, “Reuben had the idea of turning it into a beast.”

For Dymbur, who have been around since 2012 but grappled with lineup changes to stay active, their idea for an EP changed into one for an album but even that was supposed to be out in 2014. After releasing songs like “Anecdote,” “When Anger Dwells” and “Origins From Alpha” over the years, Dymbur now have vocalist Julian Andrew Lyngdoh, bassist Mayson Dkhar and drummer Achugra Sangma. Kharsyntiew adds, “Those first songs are now totally different, we changed tempos and added parts.”

Recorded at the guitarist’s home studio over the course of a year, The Legend of Thraat includes myths and folk tales from the villages of Meghalaya to show Dymbur’s roots. The album cover – illustrated by Visual Amnesia – depicts a young boy who unknowingly awakens a beast and tries to scare it away. The beast then narrates nine tales – depicted in nine tracks on the album – about the origin of mankind and how it “will ultimately destroy itself because of an insatiable hunger and greed.”

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While the album doesn’t have a release date announced yet, Kharsyntiew says it’s all finished and a music video is in the works too. “We’ll release snippets of songs for now and have the release date out,” the guitarist says.

‘The Legend of Thraat’ album artwork by Visual Amnesia

The Lengend of Thraat tracklist:

  1. “Rule of Fifth”
  2. “All Seeing Eye”
  3. “Capital Vices”
  4. “Valor”
  5. “Diablo Illumination”
  6. “Quintus”
  7. “Origins From Alpha”
  8. “When Anger Dwells”
  9. “Anecdote”

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